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The Necessary Evolution - José Lladró
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José Lladró:

The Necessary Evolution - libro nuevo

ISBN: 8461732731

Tapa blanda, [EAN: 9788461732739], Libro, One of the most relevant Spanish businessmen of the 20th century presents an argument against bad corporate management and in favour of an effect… Más…

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Lladro, Jose:

The Necessary Evolution - An Argument in Favour of Humanistic Capitalism and Against its Enemies - Pasta blanda

ISBN: 8461732731

[EAN: 9788461732739], Gebraucht, guter Zustand, [PU: Artes Graficas Fernando Gil], 8461732731

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Detalles del libro
The Necessary Evolution

One of the most relevant Spanish businessmen of the 20th century presents an argument against bad corporate management and in favour of an effective legislation to protect companies. "I wonder how many thousands of companies have closed their doors in Spain in the last two years and how many are still closing today. I wonder if they could have been saved and how many of the ones that are about to close could still be saved if the internal conduits for communication were more open and rational. How much pain and suffering we could have spared if a series of just mechanisms that not only guaranteed the wellbeing of those in power (even if incapable of using that power properly), but also guaranteed the general wellbeing, had allowed the seats of power to be passed on to others in a proper fashion. Once again, I assert: a company is not a toy in the hands of a few; a company is a very serious entity that requires a great sense of responsibility. When something goes wrong in a firm, sometimes the only solution is to be found among the minority shareholders. If the law can't help them do anything but look on as the company sinks, then that law needs to change [...]. In reality there is little to invent. Capitalism has demonstrated itself to be effective and capable of facilitating the general prosperity and growth of any country. It has achieved this throughout many decades. All you need to do is check to see what principles have prevailed in times of prosperity, what it is that we have slowly forgotten and why the system has been deteriorating. We must recover those principles, go back to them. Knowing as we do now that even if they're right, it is possible to break them, we have to protect them with laws that guarantee their preservation and stability."

Detalles del libro - The Necessary Evolution

ISBN (ISBN-10): 8461732731 (ISBN-13: 9788461732739)
Tapa blanda
Editorial: Artes Graficas Fernando Gil

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ISBN/EAN: 8461732731

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